Hello Friends and Family, we just wanted to take the time to share one of our recent residential projects. First off, we wanted to thank our clients for allowing us to share with you the beautiful transformation of their new home. The synapsis was as follows, the client purchased a new home and provided us with a substantial scope of work which was to be completed while they listed and sold their old home, which would have normally given us ample time (6 weeks +) to complete the renovation. However, with that being said, within a week of listing their home, it sold! The immediate sale substantially shortened our renovation time line by two plus weeks! We'll, to make a long story short, in just about 4 weeks time, we removed hundreds of square feet of wall paper and ceramic tile flooring, completely repainted the Exterior and Interior of the home, installed 1500 sqft of new hardwood flooring, refinished all the kitchen and bath cabinets, provided services for and installed new appliances converted an existing pantry/laundry room into the new custom guest bathroom,
installed new granite tops and tub surround in the master bathroom, built and installed a new custom entertainment center, and last but not least cleaned and polished their new home.
Another Satisfied Client, another job well done, while being on budget and completing two weeks ahead of schedule!

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